Slattery Tackett Architects and Harris County ESD 17 have a long relationship spanning almost 15 years and the design of 6 new facilities. Our goal with each project was to make them feel cohesive, while still respecting the unique location, context, and needs they each had. Little York Station 82 presented a special opportunity in its location – it sits just across the street from the Houston National Cemetery. Recognizing the proximity of the station to this solemn location, STA wanted the design to be strong and dignified as a show of respect and honor. Seeing that memorial everyday inspired the clients to take it one step further and pay tribute to all veterans by raising a flag for each branch of the Military. Harris County ESD 17 came to us with the question of how to make it happen and we happily ran with their idea. The design of Little York Station 82 will soon have a flag plaza that proudly displays 8 flags honoring our country and those who served to protect it.

Not only is it a meaningful endeavor for us, but it is especially important to Maco Construction who is the general contractor for the project. Cee Freeman, Veteran of the 82nd Airborne Division and Vice President of Maco Construction, had this to say: “It was important to Maco to work on this project because it is in our culture to honor the veterans that served our great nation. As a veteran, I know the sacrifices men and women make when they raise their right hand to be sworn in and I take great pride in my service to our nation. I served in the 82nd Airborne Division in the US Army and feel a special connection to Station 82. It means so much that the Little York Fire Department wanted to honor all those that served. I have family and friends resting across from this station and am so honored to have a part in the project. Airborne!”

We all consider it a privilege to make our clients’ idea a reality and are grateful to all who have served in the US Military.