Channelview Fire Station #3

The Channelview Fire Department is a proud institution that has operated continuously since 1949. In its 70-year history, the Department has developed a strong commitment to care for, protect, and serve their community.  In keeping with this commitment, their new 4-bay station is designed to meet the growing demand for fire and EMS services, to provide a safe, comfortable and functional environment for department staff and administration, and to be accessible for members of the Channelview community.


Living quarters flank one side of the 75 foot deep apparatus bays, and are planned for direct access to apparatus from both common areas and dorms.  The open concept kitchen, dining and day room areas promote the social interaction of crew members, with comfortable private dorm rooms providing the necessary quiet spaces.  Natural lighting and high ceilings create an energetic exercise room, and the watch room provides a convenient workspace with wide angle view of the apparatus bay.


Architectural treatment of the station’s exterior recalls traditional design elements, focusing on the administration entrance.  Administrative and public functions are separated from living quarters by the apparatus, respecting firefighter’s privacy and the vastly different program requirements.  In addition to administrative offices and support spaces, a large multi-purpose room is available for classroom training and community meetings.  Finish materials throughout the facility were chosen for their durability and ease of maintenance.


A unique feature of the station is a fully restored 1952 Mack pumper, the first new truck purchased by the Channelview Volunteer Fire Department. An important design requirement was to create a working garage for this truck which also beautifully displays this small piece of the community’s history.  Community members can see this truck when visiting the station and be reminded of the fire department’s long history of serving the Channelview community.